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Top Tips for Buying Running Socks
  • 27.10.2022

Choosing the right running socks is as important as choosing the right running shoes. It not only improves your running performance, but also helps keep your feet healthy.

Running socks that wear out quickly and are made of the wrong material can cause health problems that can affect your health both in the short and long term, such as nail problems, blisters under the feet, calluses, and fungus.

Whether you run shorter or longer distance; the better running socks you choose, the better your running experience will be.

Advantages of Using Running Socks

A good running sock helps you keep your balance while running. Thanks to this feature, running socks significantly improve your running performance and allow you to easily continue your training with maximum comfort.

It also reduces the chance of accidents caused by slips or errors and protects against bumping. Therefore, if you want to improve your performance during your running workouts, you should consider buying good running socks.

Things to Consider When Buying Running Socks

Comfort: One of the most important factors to consider before buying new socks is their comfort. A quality pair of running socks should be easy to put on while keeping your feet comfortable.

You should make sure that it is made of a strong but stretchable material to ensure that it is not too tight or too loose around your foot. It is also important that the running sock does not cause excessive sweating on your feet.

Protection: When buying new running socks, you should always make sure that they are strong enough to protect the important areas of your feet. If you are looking for extra protection against blisters underfoot, a pair of thick, padded socks is ideal. You should make sure your heel and toes are well covered as they are prone to injuries from running.

Durability: The type of material used in the production of your sports socks has a significant impact on their durability. Before making any purchases, you should make sure that your sports socks are made of durable materials that will last a long time. Whether you want to do intense running training or light exercise, in each case you need to choose the most suitable sock to provide the support your feet need.

Compression:  You need to take this feature into account as it improves the overall protection of your feet during exercises. Compression is a feature that improves blood circulation by allowing your sock to gently squeeze your leg muscles. This innovative design also reduces fatigue and allows you to run longer.

Moisture-Wicking: If you are someone who gets annoyed when your feet sweat, you should choose socks with this feature. Moisture- wicking helps to reduce the amount of sweat accumulated during exercise. This system reduces the accumulation of sweat or moisture on your feet by providing the necessary air circulation.

Which Materials is Running Socks Made of?

Cotton: It is the most common material used in socks. Due to its cost advantage, it allows you to buy socks at more affordable prices. Cotton socks are also comfortable and durable. They are super soft. When combined with other synthetic materials, they can keep their shape and provide a comfortable and beautiful fit for your feet. With a cotton sock, your feet can breathe more. It is a good choice if you have sensitive skin.

Wool: Wool may have been one of the first materials used to make socks. However, as manufacturers started using cheaper materials, wool socks became less and less available. Unlike cotton, wool is an excellent insulator. So if you live in a colder climate or winter is at the door, wool socks are definitely a great investment.

Cashmere: Cashmere socks are also great for winter and are even warmer than wool. It is also compatible with sneakers and boots. But just like wool, cashmere is an expensive material for making luxury socks.

Silk: Socks made of silk are very elegant in terms of appearance. Silk is slightly more absorbent than cotton, but not as durable. Silk socks are comfortable to wear but more expensive in terms of price.

Synthetic: Socks made from synthetic materials such as polyester are very durable. If you clean them properly, they will last longer than cotton socks. They dry quickly and are also non-absorbent. This makes them the perfect socks for casual days or on the go.

Running Socks with Thick or Thin Padding

Your feet should feel comfortable in the shoes. The thickness of the padding and the size of the running socks are important. Professional runners need socks with very thin padding, as direct contact with the shoes increase power transfer.

On the other hand, socks with thicker padding are best for sports runners, as they provide better cushioning which significantly reduces the risk of injury. When choosing the size, make sure that the sock fits well. Choosing the right size creates less risk of slipping and less friction.

What Is The Difference Between Running Socks And Everyday Socks?

The most noticeable difference between running socks and the socks that almost all of us wear on a daily basis is the material they are made of.

In addition, running socks are products designed in accordance with the anatomy of the human foot and supported by protective qualities. There are running socks with different features to prevent damage to sensitive areas of the foot such as the toes, heel and Achilles tendon during running.

Since running socks are produced with circular knitting method, they do not contain seams that can apply uncomfortable pressure.

Unlike everyday socks, running socks have a small letter "L" and "R" to indicate the correct sock for the left and right foot. This is because the soles of sports socks are specially designed for the right and left foot.

How to Clean Running Socks

Proper cleaning and maintenance is essential to use your running socks for a long time. Depending on how often you use your socks, you may need to wash them every day. You should always choose a breathable and washable sock as it is easier to clean. It is generally recommended to wash at 30°C or 40°C or by hand. Do not use bleach chlorine or fabric softener.

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