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Make Your Loved Ones Happy With Personalized Scarf Products
  • 27.10.2022

A scarf is defined as "a long, narrow garment, usually made of wool or silk, to protect the neck and mouth".

Scarves, which were used by the nobility from the middle Ages to the Renaissance, were a symbol of class distinction. Only the rich could afford it.

Scarves, which have played a major role in many civilizations throughout the history, have become an inseparable part of fashion recently. Along with gloves, coats and hats, they are among the best helpers in the fight against the cold.

Depending on its texture and fabric, this piece can be made of various materials, such as wool or cotton, and can come in thousands of different patterns. Although the most common purpose of using a scarf is for warmth, it is also used as a piece that complements the look.

There are many scarf models available in different sizes, colors, designs and even shapes so that you can complete your 'outfit' in a different way every time. You can wear them loose, tied around your neck or crossed and make them to suit your style.

Make Your Loved Ones and Employees Feel Special with Personalized Scarves!

Are you looking for customizable gift ideas for your family, employees or clients? It is not always easy to find a customizable gift that both makes your loved ones feel special and in line with your company's values.

Personalized scarves are promotional gifts that can always be useful and therefore they are appreciated by the buyer. You can give personalized scarves both potential customers and business partners or employees as a gift.

Whatever the print of the scarves, with personalized scarves you can be sure that your campaign will be a success! We offer wholesale scarves at affordable prices.

A Scarf Is Much More Than A Garment!

Scarves are not just a garment you tie around your neck. It also provides many other functions. While helping to protect your body from the cold, would you like to wear a special garment that represents something you are passionate about? The solution is simple: personalized scarves.

Personalized Scarf Types

Personalized scarves are prepared in different models in terms of material and production style.  As May Atkı, our personal and business-specific scarves, which we produce from the world's highest quality acrylic yarns, are offered to you with a rich color chart.

Woven Scarves: Woven scarves, which have a wide range of uses, both keep you warm in cold weather and are ideal for promotions and events. As May Atkı, we are the licensed manufacturer of important football and sports clubs of Europe and the world, especially Barcelona FC, Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC, Juventus FC.

You can show your loyalty to the team you are a fan of by having these special scarves.  Woven scarves are also commonly used for promotional purposes. Private businesses can share these special scarves, which are embroidered with logos, with their employees and customers to strengthen the image of their brand and make a great promotional campaign. The minimum order quantity for our woven scarves -which you can order in different sizes-, is 50 pieces per model.

Printed Polar Scarves: Our printed polar scarves that are produced using digital printing techniques, have HD quality visibility and you can also want your photo printed on it. Printed polar scarves, which are essential for the cold winter months, stand out with their soft texture and sweat absorption feature. 

It is a product that can be produced double-sided and has unlimited color options. The minimum order quantity for our printed polar scarves is 50 pieces per model.

Printed Satin Scarf: You can design your satin scarf in any color and pattern you wish. We combine your company name, logo or photos with your loved ones with scarves using the highest quality digital printing technique.

Unlike other scarf models, you can use satin scarves comfortably in the hot summer months because of their lightweight fabric and also you will feel cool and protected from sunlight. Contact us to have satin scarves that increase your daily comfort and have these wonderful scarves at the most affordable prices!

Knitted Scarves: Our knitted scarves are made of 100% acrylic yarn. It is produced as double-sided and up to 6 colors can be used in production. Knitted with the highest quality acrylic yarns that do not harm humans and nature, these scarves are produced using special knitting machines in our factory that is equipped with the latest technology.

Wholesale order quantity is minimum 50 pieces. Knitted scarves are produced quickly and delivered to you on time through contracted companies.

How to Wear a Scarf? The Best Ways Wear a Scarf

Depending on the type of material it is made of, you can easily combine scarves with your own style and have an impressive look. The most preferred scarf wearing ways are the following:

European Style: In this model, which has a tie-like appearance, we fold the scarf in the middle, let it hang from the back of our neck and let the ends hang downward by passing them through the twisted part of the scarf. This type of scarf model is frequently used by men, especially with winter clothes such as jackets and coats.

Wrap Around: This model is especially ideal for long knitted scarves. Wrap the knitted scarf around your neck but it should be a little loose. Then wrap it again and fold the ends in half and let it hang down. It is a great choice for people who do not give up their comfort and who like shabby clothing.

Fully Wrapped Around: In this model, we should wrap the scarf around our neck but it shouldn’t squeeze our neck too much and does not hang down. After wrapping the scarf completely, we should tuck the ends under the scarf. This will give you a very stylish and comfortable look.

Infinity: This model is very useful for knitted scarves. For this one, you should let one side of the scarf hang down from your neck. Wrap the scarf around your neck once and let the other end hang from the other side of your neck.

We Produce The Most Special Fan Scarves For You!

Classic scarves in the colors of football teams have been seen in football stadiums for over 100 years. You can have these scarves, which will warm you up in winter, show which team you belong to, and encourage football players when you wave them in the air, at affordable prices.

It is the perfect accessory for any private or public event, as it is very useful in showing the colors of your favorite team. Thanks to the possibility of colored printing of the desired logo or text, it is irreplaceable in meetings and sporting events.  We produce personalized football scarves for fans and share their excitement.

Create Amazing Scarves with Let's Support!

Design custom scarves to promote your business or team. We offer you the best custom and personalized football scarves. Give your loved ones, employees and customers an experience they will never forget with our 100% custom scarves.

We are always with you when you want special scarves for events such as football and other sports, promotions or business events.

Personalized scarves are produced in our high-tech factory with the highest quality materials. Leave your order in the hands of professionals. We produce fast and high quality scarves for you at the most special prices. You can contact us to learn about  our special offer.